Hypnosis Quick Tip #2: Celebrate Big and Small Success with a Hypnosis Success Board

This week’s Hypnosis Quick Tip is how you can help your clients focus on big and small successes with a Hypnosis Success Board.

What is a Hypnosis Success Board?

A Hypnosis Success board is a board in your office where your clients can post their successes. Clients feel great about posting their success, and you have an opportunity to share with them how important moving in the right direction is.

Then over time The Success Board becomes inspiration for other clients, and for you - a tool to help share the success of your practice. Here's the one at Cascade Hypnosis Center, it's almost full ;-).

Why have a success board?

A success board gives you an opportunity to ask your clients, what worked this week? If there's a success, ask your client if they'd like to put it up on the success board. When you do that, you reinforce to your clients how important it is to focus on what IS working. Here's a sampling of the successes posted (notice they're anonymous) :

Cascade Hypnosis Training, Erika Flint

The Success Board also serves as inspiration to other clients, and you can use it to market yourself and your business! Check out my Facebook page here to see how to do that.

Let me know what you think about The Success Board, and ask me any questions about it using the comments below.

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